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Just Not Today Lyrics
She played third base on a softball team
Had a pretty good arm and real nice swing
I was working part-time out at Gentry's farm
I had thing for a girl in a uniform
After the game she was mine, young, wild and free
Yeah old Mr. Gentry was pretty cool
He said son I'd know where I'd be
And what I'd say if it was me

One of these days
We're gonna have to grow up
Have to get real jobs and be adults, someday
Just not today
Have to worry about things out of our control
Like kids, love and money and gettin old, someday
Just not today, just not today

Had a rope swing hangin from a sycamore tree
By a deep little spot on white sand creek
Used to walk barefoot, down a little dirt path
We'd throw out the beach towels and
Lay on our backs
Had four wheel drive trucks parked up in the shade
With those speakers blasting
We never knew how much we really had it made,
Without a care in a world we'd say

[Repeat Chorus]

Have to show some maturity, responsibility
Pay the old fiddler, face reality
Maybe tomorrow the older and wiser
Will be, god love us we'll be

[Repeat Chorus]

Just not today
Just not today

lyrics corrected above-
I was workin part out at Gentry's farm
Were guna have to grow up
By a deep wood spot on white sand creek
We'd through out the beach towels and
With those speakers blasted

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