Kevin Gates - Arm And Hammer Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Arm And Hammer Lyrics
Box of soda, red and gold (red and gold)
Arm and hammer (Arm and Hammer)
Do the microwave and stove arm and hammer
Trap girl on my phone
She like, "What's the matter?" (What's the matter)
Going hard just ran out of Arm and Hammer
She like bae I'm at the store
What you want? You should know, sandwich bags and Arm and Hammer
With a scale I'm going hammer
Trap jumpin I got junkies watchin burglar bars and cameras

[Verse 1]
I'm charging in my Monte Carlo
Pull up to the trap while on the phone with Jamarlo
Percielago, new Camaro up in full throttle
Buying punch, check the sale, it's a full bottle
BWA, Bread Winners Association
In my trap on the couch like my leg's broke
Catching sells, ain't no way I could be dead broke
Let him in, shut the burglar, lock the deadbolt
Nigga try I got that iron,make your head smoke
Kitchen or whipping can't be like whatchamacallit
Work be f*cking retauded
That's what my customers call it
Grabbed two houses they jumped to like sixty eight by they self
Straight out the pot to the bag, they both weigh seventy wet


[Verse 2]
Broke a block down to rocks
Slowly picking my weight up
In the drop selling ounces
If you want weight you can wait up
Ain't been asleep in 3 days
My nickname should be Stay Up
F*ck the club and the mall, right now I'm stacking my cake up
F*ck you hoes I could jack off, I don't play break up to make up
You other niggas had your turn you play your face then get ate up
(Don't wanna get killed)
Don't make us, send you straight to your maker
Bought my paper, my paper, might step out on occasion
Just heard Tyiesha getting married
Here's a congratulations
Invited me on vacation, reception out in Jamaica
Quarterback that play in Dallas, tear it up, Troy Aikman
In a world of bad bitches, don't pass them by the car hating


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