Kevin Gates - Can't Make This Up Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Can't Make This Up Lyrics
(I can't make this up)
Step inside the booth
Loosen up the tie
Superman is still alive!
(I can't make this up)

Been a movie from the start (I can't make this up)
Baby mama's kids a week apart (I can't make this up)
Offered 30 years in the court (I can't make this up)
Now my whips foreign, pulling up (I can't make this up)
Started from the bottom with narcotics, what I'm selling
Who thought I woulda made it from a trap with no electric
Ooohhh, [?] work my wrist with cocaina
Made all of my haters all believers (I can't make this up)

[Verse 1]
Bad when it came to me being on point (Get 'em)
What they say I should be doing I don't
Don't love, don't trust, don't worry I won't
Slim waist, cute face, with a donk in the trunk
Convicted felon for selling
No telling my motto, no telling
Never popped a molly but when I'm on coffee I feel as if I done just tried it
Product of a violent environment, saw niggas go get money I had to go try it
My grandma's a crying, her grandson a liar, like all of this shit gotta stop
Every time that you leave I be having these dreams about you getting locked up for shot
This first bitch I love told me that was my baby but nah, I be thinking it's not
This bitch, well she, she f*cked ten of my friends, I moved on now she saying she high
Got caught, took my lick, then came home to my street, they was trying to hit me with 30
The morals I'm built on, I'll really get killed on it, ain't no such thing as me working
Game I'm in get dirty, couldn't make this up and that's certain


[Verse 2]
Occupied by the hand player, Caucasian waitress named Rachael
Saying I look like a drug dealer, you ain't even waiting our table
I like faces, and making faces, and Franklin faces by the cases
This shit's amazing, this shit's amazing! (Take off)
Do the damn thing, no champagne, for me at least a light drink (Retawdid)
Going against my better judgement, opposite of right thing
Cardiovascular happening, beat them chicks from the back while I'm wrapping it
Can't make this shit up, ain't just rapping it
Love a bitch who fight back while I'm stabbing it
Dick put her out and I walk out like [?]
(Think cause you got a pretty face and a fine shape you can play the crime game, mane, BWA, mane)
I put my stamp on it, rough how I handle it, maybe I'm passionate
Making it hurt on the inside, maybe I'm hurt on the inside
Dick in her stomach, this time I'm coming
Go f*ck with a sucka who think you a woman


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