Kevin Gates - Click House Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Click House Lyrics
[Intro - Kevin Gates & OG Boobie Black:]
My click house go stupid
My click house go stupid
My click house go stupid
My click hou-

[?] with my nigga Kevin Gates
[?] I remember that boy Gates had that... took a trap on Carolina
Bitch going stupid, cameras all around
Bitch like, looking like Crenshaw

[Chorus - Kevin Gates:]
My click house go stupid [x3]
My click house go stupid (Trappin' out the bag)
Click house goin' stupid (Trappin' out the bag) [x4]

[Verse 1 - OG Boobie Black:]
Why these motherf*ckers always in the front yard
Shootin' dice on the porch, them lil' niggas got them [?]
Sale after sale, the cellphones keep clickin'
The pots on the stove, the cocaine about finished
Killers stone game, I got killer stone wrists
OG Boobie Black can make a half a whole brick
Racks after racks rubber bandin' up the money
I show a lot of love to keep the dope fiends comin'


[Verse 2 - Kevin Gates:]
All the cars in the yard, loud loud music
Them lil' boys they go hard, them lil' boys stupid
Now they call me Bruce Wayne
Shout out Ivy Liu Kang
I'm like Malcolm, I don't do chains
Dress casual, I can do thangs
Pinky rang, grippin' grain, bitch I'm Don Key
My favorite favorite mixtape - OG [?]

Breadwinner team 'til the day that I die
Carolina man spankin', cocaine I supply
I'm like Clyde
I just glide
In the kitchen let it dry
Head up murder, I just seen a homicide
On that mad man shit like bitch I'm finna die
All he got is twenty-five
F*ck it - come with twenty-nine


[Verse 3 - Kevin Gates:]
I just got a bid from Bibby
I let Mills re-compress it
I don't do no water whippin' 'less somebody want some extra
Been on springs me and [?]
My chick got the text from Birdman on the line
Order twenty, 'bout to catch him
F*ck the rap I'm trynna trap out'chere
But I ain't see him cheat
Got it parked in front the mansion
Damn, been like this for weeks
Shit I got so many bricks out'chere
I ain't seen a key
Compartment on the auto start it
I ain't see him leave


[Kevin Gates:]

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