Kevin Gates - Cut Her Off (Freestyle) Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Cut Her Off (Freestyle) Lyrics
Starin' at me like the damsel in distress
Acapulco diamonds and they dancin' on my neck
Flawless no enclosure we don't f*ck with VVS
Fall off in the club in this cardiac arrest
Her cardiac arrest
Maliyah dancin' to my song
I'm a plug who make music I'm like Tego Calderon
Still I'm bout that gangsta' shit so please don't rub me wrong
I need to see you naked with no clothes when I get home
Slighty narcissistic bae so please don't read me wrong
Dickmatized her, dick amazing, now she blowing up my phone (won't leave me alone)
Bitch I'ma killer
Up in her cervix she screaming its murder, her face in the pillow
Pulling her hair, while I nibble her ear, and I'm f*cking her slow and we all in the mirror
Hold up, Oh well
Left a ho at the hotel
Bungee jumping, my line chirping, bout' to go and catch me a sale
(Bae don't leave) You trippin', you can stay here or come with me
Whipped up at the gas station bought a box of Goodies and a digit
Need sixty dollars on pump four cause the gas tank like empty
Won't play the game like 2 Chainz, ain't riding around but I'm gettin' it
Pull up at the trap, I'ma text ya phone like "I'm over here come get it"
Buggati f*cking with Brittany
Told her "I'm sorry" she say she forgive me
Entangled in my conversation as if I'm a Judas she look at me different
Would we get in trouble for f*cking each other cause I use to f*ck with your sister
I heard that your pussy get wet as river and possibly need some assistance
Oooooooohhh it ain't nothin' to f*ck yo' bitch dog
Yo' bitch dog
It ain't nothin' to f*ck yo' bitch dog x2
Nigga, f*ck you and yo' big dog

Retawdid' reading my aura, I'm too intelligent that why you bothered
Know it's a name; don't know what to call it
My name is Kevin but she call me Awesome
South by Southwest was performing in Austin
Ignored the BS and I ain't bout no talkin'
Can't see you niggas, my clips in the car
Don't make me spray this bitch like Mad Marvin
(Bitch what you ain't hear me?) Bitch don't make me spray this bitch like Mad Marvin
Hold up, I said I don't get tired!
Blessing in disguise, this for those no longer here while we out here on our grind
May God be with your families while you rest up in the skies
Shout out Roy riding nigga' diping through that nine
I'm loving on Lil NaNa I met her at a Second Line
Bread Winners Associates still I'm out my mind
Dreka booty bigger than a bitch I grip her from behind
Can we have a threesome I know that she don't mind
Know it's warmer than a sauna; stroke her for a long time
Bae' told the bitch "get here"
Then she got off in the bitch ear
Got to feelin' on her, never been molested came out her clothes then we rip
We a power couple don't trip
We a power couple that trick
Bread Winners Escort service we'll buy bitch a new whip
Broke hoes car break down can't afford to get the bitch fixed
Fake bags in a air mattress can't afford to get the shit fixed
Plug, I'm in the socket
Thought I was sleep when you went in my picket
Bitch I caught ya' (Oh my God!)
Don't make me spray this bitch like Mad Marvin!

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