Kevin Gates - Great Example Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Great Example Lyrics
See this nigga, ya heard me, we come up in the same section
You know I love you to death-
You know I really slang iron behind you and everythang
But you would go above and beyond for some ol' pussy ass niggas that ain't even built like me

Talked about behind my back as if I wasn't worthy
Lord knows that I ain't perfect but I sho deserve it
Family hurtin', no one on Earth pick up the slack but me
Send me somebody who won't turn their back on me

Facin' disaster, got it out the mud we made it happen
Keepin' it loyal with your niggas, I'm a great example
You lean on me, I lean on you
Gr-Great example
You kill for me, I kill for you
Gr-Great example

[Verse 1:]
Family in the state missin'
I don't celebrate Christmas
Levels, I don't like pictures
Jail, I don't do visits
You gon' leave, I'm a be in here
I'm a wanna be witcha
Leonardo won the award, I love you, you a real nigga
Ever fumble, he'll lift me
Plug don't front it I'm a rip'em
Real war, mind yo business
In the coupe, juice Bentley
I-I'm gettin' that money lil' nigga
I'm thumbin' through hundreds lil' nigga
Slept on floors, Ramen noodles
Daddy pimp hard, like them movies
I go stupid


[Verse 2:]
Used to get high but I kicked it
Shootin' dog food in my dick
Shit comin' up missin' bitch ass niggas say that I'm stealin'
Went to jail takin' my lick, betcha can't never say that I'm squealin'
Real nigga out of Memphis
If he ever need me I'm dippin'
Commissary came Christmas
Nobody sendin' me nickels
Just an old path full of dope brass on a top rap with no pictures
Adecaine on C4, late night epp out vicious
Play with' it then I'm out there
Breadwinner shit, let's get it


[Verse 3:]
Landlord Brasi man
Fast car, private plane
I'm a be fly today
Whip in the exotic
Just told lil' Fee I'm a fly away
Petey like, "Kevin you trippin'
You ain't held up, and you livin'"
I am not out here pretendin'-
I'll catch me a body mayne
Dick in lil' mama, squealin' feel like a body SPRING-
No one can save you from me
No one can save you from me


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