Kevin Gates - Kevin Gates Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

They say me and future sound alike
I'm soundin like future
Long as the car movin never dead stuck in neutral
Major shoutout to future
Meaning kevin gates the future
The future of this music
Headphones I wore to school
Uninterested in school mind set on distributin
Back and forth to Houston but not at the galleria
A shoutout to that third and fourth ward on the real
Prescription plug jumpin
Shorty look like cameria
Face playin poker but I ain't givin my mans up
From that south side if you from my section then stand up
Rubber band up disgusting
Won't pull our pants up
On the block 24/7 the police done ran up
Jail gotta see us some others leaving in handcuffs
Mama throwin suppers to get us free when we jammed up
Blam tucked you get beside it could get you blamed up
All I know is cocaine issue and rock with us
No money for to go to prom just ordered the skillet
Anybody unwilling to give it we just gotta stick em
My name ringin for real how none of us picture
Best dress at McKinley hair curly lookin demented
Kin jumped out the phone with savage
Gates baby you killin em
All I know is smashin anything that won't get it up
Going back to rebocks thinkin bout it for reazy
Ridin with the heat cocked prey to God I don't need it
Thinkin bout the range ro
Break you off and change clothes
Underneath the tree tops
Talkin bout I'm a give it up
Just left off the block feelin like I don't live enough
Every pussy the same but I feel like I don't get enough
Bad bitches I rip em up
Done that shit for big head
Ol fresh chain just said now they got that big head
F*ck em in the ass mac 11 with the big head
Brighten em with the oysters face now they got the big head
Chrome got get the bottem with the rocks comin up
Me I see me comin I feel attack comin up
Dem a call dem Rottweilers a fi rok dem roun
Wide body gal movin a mi tell dem tun aroun

Say roun look f*ck a hook
Who got the hookup
If you know we need the hookup
If you know who got the hookup
Hit my line we need the hookup
It's 2253034829
... I think

Oh my God kevin just fell asleep an ain't waking up
Shoulder game exclusive when in a blender we break em up
Turn the ringer off
Too many features I'm cakin up
Who the hell said gates ain't shit who the hell cares
Bet your followers will be the proof
Of who the hell cares
Mentiond every 8 seconds to career on welfare
Beef to get a buzz you a sellout who the hell cares
Said it was a blessing to ever be in my presence
I taught you how to be yourself you ain learn your lesson
Fog lights glowin as we maneuver the night time
Day runner lamps on a runner we had a nice time
Just reiterate what was stated by your lifeline
Woulda said your wife but she said wait not right now
The sex ain't really good
But I'm scared I may hurt his feelings
He's a tough guy in the street
But he's sensitive be forreal
Everytime we up in here I pull her hair making her sound out
Big booty bitch I give her dick my shit a groundhog
Out of town cause I gotta friend that live in New York
At a museum shopping for art met sat in the park
Watch the sun set in the dark
I'm intelligent
Cool I can tell you like to move on the regular
Fall in love fast I make sure I handle it delicate
4g out of perelis he go as big as a elephant
If you plannin surprises and thinking what you can buy me
I'm in the watches automobile need me an Audi
If you were to go and buy it I swear I'm drivin it proudly
But f*ck it back to the mission
Fat women and pistols
Fat women holdin crack in the crack of they skin
You probably think it's disgusting
I probably think it's terrific
You probably think I'm demented
She probably think it's delicious
I'm thinkin standin in the kitchen
Without no use for the fridges
You probably still thinkin why he ain't mention usin the dishes

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