Kevin Gates - Lean 2 Da Side Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Lean 2 Da Side Lyrics
Say my money real long and I'm clean in the ride
I Got diamonds in my chain and they bling in the light
If your money real long you should lean to the side, lean to the side, lean to the side
Said my money real long so I lean to the side
If your money real long you should give this a try
If your money real long you should lean to the side, lean to the side lean, lean to the side

[Verse 1:]
Perferably in a hard top, stop back in a covertable
Show my ass don't know how to act in a convertable
Rubberband shawty retarted with the racks
Saw a barbie in the party who ain't hardly got back
Adidas All day I dream about stacks
Yo lil team don't get no cream hard to think about that
What you think about that
Money on my wrist need to find the nearest mirror
Cause I'm lovin on my fit
I Don't know what to call it touchin on yo bitch
She put that ass in front me now she rubbin on my dick
She say kevin please stop it oh you gone get me killed
You give me some I promise bay this dick gone leave you whipped
Goin Hard in the paint nigga what yo life like
Watch and my chain blang I don't need a night light
Cell phone goin hard got the block rollin hard
White g-shock cost more then your lauren horse


[Verse 2:]
They say I be dressin cute' bitch I'm from the hood
Chiefin while I'm chillin on that liquor feelin good
Don't't entertain beef but I wish a nigga would
Tool on deck check on my hip
You talkin in my face and yo breath smell like shit
My girlfriend trippin I guess I'm movin out
Beggin me to stay but tell her friend she put me out
She caught me pants down dick up in a groupie mouth
Hard to keep it in my pants all I do is pull it out
Wiggling me ding-a-ling all I do is pull it out
Do the same if you ain't gotta brain you should pull it out
I'm thuggin I'm grindin my diamonds they blindin
I'm hustlin I'm grindin get money I'm shinin
I'm buckin I love it I'm cluchin that iron
That range cost a cutless I'm gutta come try me
I'm hustlin I'm gringin get money keep shinin


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