Kevin Gates - Luca Brasi 2 Intro Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Luca Brasi 2 Intro Lyrics
Say I'm too aggressive, that's that pressure, nigga, test you
Shout all my niggas special, he come home we goin' extra
Evolvin', grew with power, he the sour, I'ma stretch you
My heart too big while thankin' God, I finally learned my lesson
Your bitch gon' f*ck someone you know after you get arrested
My nigga broke the street law with an 8 minute confession
God have mercy on his soul, pray he don't miss no blessings
Turnin' up, we kill it all, on Instagram we flexin'
I'll steal one of you niggas, check one of you niggas
Get pissed on, get pissed off and bless one of you niggas
But wait, that's Lil Cannon, loaded MAC 11
Tell the ho you're with that you'll disrespect me
But probably really won't ever
I run shit, no effort, walk by faith, I'm careless
No weapon formed shall prosper, I'm a god, nigga, be careful
Nigga slapped you, you ain't that 'bout it
So pussy nigga, whatever
When it's shots fired, I was out here
Still ridin' 'round in my section
Heaven made me tailor made, express image and likeness
Illuminated, my skin glow and a lot of niggas don't like it
Immortal, swearin' to me when they're swearin' to God
They won't wake up tomorrow
Angels will follow, speak death from my lips
And I promise you this, you will lay in a coffin
Dominion over this [?], mojo power like Austin
Starbucks with K. Michelle, in the car sippin' my coffee
If a bitch bad with a thick ass, whip dick out while she talkin'
If we in the car and she get mad, won't kiss ass, she walkin'
My new thing I just grabbed, cocaine paint retarded
Nother wrapped dash with wood grain and the lamb skin like Spalding
Chris Porter at Auburn, men is pickin' up when I called 'em
At the barbershop, a nigga Philly had me uncomfortable
I won't argue
You ain't know Nook was in the back room
Go with your move, he gon' off yah
That same nigga said that I look at him like a big uncle
Hate you the most be the people that love you
Shit gets so disgustin', mothaf*cka

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