Kevin Gates - Million Dollar Dreams Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Million Dollar Dreams Lyrics
I'm having million dollar dreams
I'm dreaming of a million dollar night
First class on the flight
Funny we a lot alike
Screw when I'm sleep
Tryna make it come to life
Talkin go and get whatever
Funny we a lot alike

The blocks crooked
No rock music the cops lookin
The rock pusha
The fiends sprung with they tongue out
Old school, old shoelaces
When he's strung out
Object of the trap
Keep crack and never run out
Gun out, whoever grab a pack an try to run out
Hard to do
Get your barbecue rib done out
Fire on the drivers till the tires spun out
A.Ks expand like a band
Drum out
Trumpets in the new four runner
Don't make me come out
See the polices chargin in a charger
Put the blunt out
God please
Guard me
From the ungodly
Accelerated rate of livin
Young hardly
Saw the digits, lost interest
Then the funds caught me
Now it's money over everything
The fun lost me
Million dollar dream got me wanna bleed the block
Gotta flee the scene every timer he people hot

[Hook x2]

I'm a pimp in my own mind
This without a suit
Dicks need a fix, this a bitch she a prostitute
She a college student
Impolite girl
Vanessa Carlton, kee handler white girl
I got tonight like a strip joint
Cold fetish
Brown shoes booth soundproof
No glow betta
V.I.P booth soundproof get it glow betta
Black lights hit the glow make it glow extra
I'm feelin so special, I'm bein nice to y'all
I coulda hit you with a sip of a nice and tall
Rightful talk what you know bout that
Schoolboys and fake rappers don't know bout that

[Hook x2]

I'm the orchestrator, I'm a make a movement
Great choosin let us pray make em take communion
Make me lean off. Then they sleep soft
And wake up the next day with they sleeves off
Like "where the hell am I?
An who the f*ck are you?
Hey that's my girlfriend! Why is she sucking you?"
Cause I'm a millionaire a real millionaire
Throw to the soul and all I did was stick a pill in there
You got off too
With a fat chick
Groanin moanin on the camera phone gettin her ass licked
You know, bad built
With the bad tits
Phat trick givin all his money to a fat bitch

[Hook x2]

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