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Kevin Gates Lyrics

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So what would you say has changed
I ain't goin lie it's a different experience far as you don't think for yourself anymore
You put yourself last and you know

Out in California recording
What the f*ck got a text message
Kevin just started
iPhone on FaceTime
This is important
A home birth, this a first
Drika havin my daughter
Watchin on the iPhone
Thought that it was a boy
Thinkin I gotta get home catch a flight to New Orleans
Gonna pick up my car
I gotta drive to Atlanta
In that order
Me and persialogo on the highway
On that water
Only stoppin for gas
Think my Porsche in the garage
Up the stairway in charge
And she ain't open her eyes until she heard me talkin

Man I can't explain the feeling thug
Shit was crazy
She was born November 30th
Nigga ain't thought she was goin be here for Christmas

Already missed a birth of one, maxi plate when he do
Back in Baton Rouge for a video shoot
T and drika blowin up my phone
Probably all day long
I got too much goin on
I'm right down the street
Everything goin wrong
In the back of my mind I'm like what the f*ck do they want
From me
I'm only one man
And it's hard to operate when it ain't no sleep
(It's hard to operate when there ain't no sleep)
Women's hospital where she was admitted
Posed to be there for 12 baby due any minute
Experiencing complications baby no longer kickin
Perform a c-section doctor gotta go in and get em
But that's alright I'm the type up under operator lights
Umbilical cord wrapped around his neck he came out it was fine
Surgeon wiped him off and passed him
I grabbed him
Can't get him off my mind
Cryin on my lap
Satellite video finished right back to the block
It's a movie
My life a movie
It's a movie
I don't like to do no actin
But I know my life could be a f*cking movie

And he was born like December the 18
Be mad at me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure it was December the 18
A long ass nigga too
Big muf*cka about that long
Lookin like he could really see what I'm talkin about
Li heazy you don't understand that lil muf*cker about that long

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