Kevin Gates - Plug Daughter Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Plug Daughter Lyrics
A lot of motherf*ckers ain't know I was Puerto Rican
They thought I was black ya heard me
I come on the front of the Narco Trafficante I get to telling them motherf*ckers "Yo mato por nada"
They like "What that mean?"
I had to tell em', that mean I kill for nothin'
BWA, Bread Winners Association
I don't get tired
You know I'm all the way out there

I'm f*cking with the plug daughter
I'm f*cking with the plug daughter
We get road side assistance when we placing orders
Wrap the money up and then we send it 'cross the water
I'm f*cking with the plug daughter
I'm f*cking with the plug daughter
I'm tied in with Diego, they treat me like family
And if I ever leave her they gon' kill my family

[Verse 1:]
In the middle of the kitchen
Water-whipping me a chicken
Breakin' down a brick on a island
Granite counter top with Italian marble
No, I really meant we own a island
Duct tape and a box cutter
Took a seven out em', bout to drop somethin'
Test her with me, gotta test a piece of this recipe
When I cop somethin
(Swear to God I cook the bitch and don't jump man
I ain't buying shit)
Interesting, get rich, I'mma stay with my bitch
And legitimate dealings my name don't exist
Never flake: I get hit then I'm taking my lick
And they know that I'm solid, 13 caught a body
Don't be with nobody, I be with them bands
My people just see me, he need an advance
He know that this platinum he don't need no cash
He know that we family, I'll lend him my last
Turn up in Phantoms and turn up in Jags
We shop in designer, we changing the climate
Ball in the mall and we leaving with bags
Money no object, we f*ck up the profit
Cameras is watchin', sometimes I feel like the cameras is watchin'
In love with Luca Brasi I got coke I'm in the mafia


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