Kevin Gates - Talk On Phones Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Talk On Phones Lyrics
Been a gangsta you can check my fingers, I don't talk on phones
Black coffee, sippin', chillin', thinkin
I don't talk on phones
Bad bitches blow my line up daily
I don't talk on phones
Just got a text, hit back check on my baby
I don't talk on phones
Data towers giving up location
I don't talk on phones
Transaction next day make the papers
I don't talk on phones
Wiretaps lead to open cases
I don't talk on phones
Kept it solid, see through poker faces
I don't talk on phones

[Verse 1:]
Dirty dollars, just jumped out the booth, then went bought a Cou
Wanted millions, with respect like Menace all throughout the booth
Really thugging, ball shake back from nothing, I could work the streets
To the ground, out of town with killers, won't sleep when its beef
Hit yo phone, pull up by myself, and I play for keeps
Talkin' reckless, you could keep yo necklace, see me better eat
It's on the Bible, I'm the last survivor, dirty slip on cleats
Business discreet, spilling my guts to no bitch, that make me unique


[Verse 2:]
Hitta on the table jumping (Hello?) cell (knock knock)
Hol' up I'm coming
Check the camera, oh that's Chuck? Let em in and take his money
What you got? He spending twenty?
Take this fifty, get back with me
1.0 weigh on the digit
Grams I'm lettin' em go for fifty
This that drop no soda whippin', I'm the sickest in the city
Stripper shakin' ass and titties
Money I throw counterfeited
Yeah I told you I was ignant, bitch I meant it really really
I got dope behind my ear
Under my New York Yankee fitted


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