Kevin Gates - The Prayer Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

The Prayer Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Overseas mixtape tourin'
You was probably thinkin' bout me doin'
F*ck around with me, thumbin' through the sewers
Needed moisture, wouldn't give you urine
Rest in peace Puerto Rican J
Yo no me canso, what the f*ck he say?
[?], who the f*ck are they?
With her mother, probably where she stay
Fat, black, nasty, who your baby daddy?
Sure as hell ain't Puerto Rican Gates
Name in my ear, real 'til you squeal
You no longer silent, on some gangster shit
Hoe get out your feelings
All on Instagram
Internet beef, lil' dirty stinky bitch
Hate I mean this with all my heart when I tell you
F*ck your mama, I just bought a whip
[?] you pussy where you niggas gotta sit
Sayin' pussy cause you sure ain't gotta dick
[?] Breadwinner, f*ck that other shit
I-I believe in a sky a higher power
Shots fired by your favorite rapper
Partner - boom boom boom - God got my body
God time to shine, I'm not satisfied
Lucas on the line, shut up hoe be quiet

Hoes wanna f*ck Breadwinner Ron
Come on say you don't, hoe you know you lyin'
Pretty motherf*cker, jokers say I'm ugly
Where your real hair? Hoe you know you cryin'
Uncle be blowin' up a nigga phone now
Uh uh nigga, come on keep it where you kept it
Took a lot of L's, I became a veteran
On a set-back, I be steady steppin'

[Islam Prayer]

[Verse 2:]
Double duck city, tooly rang movin'
Out the chain gang, 40 with the drum
Same nigga in your party goin' dumb
Diamonds in my mouth, I don't let it run
Rihanna wanna suck a real nigga dick
Really going down, [?]
Partner wonder why she won't let it [?]
He don't keep it real, hit him on the flip
Meet me 'round the corner, burn him with his kids
Why he got the biz?
He know what he did
Ain't no love when the winners really win
Peddle drugs in a rental, spin your wheels
Junkie name bought a spot, I pay the bills
Cocaine residue up under fingernails
All on top the table and on every scale
Pops [?] for me, I want every pill
Winter cold summer, never know the feel
Sirens pull up, we already know the drill
Whoop the charge, but we couldn't beat the ride
Schemin' on me, see the look in people eyes
She a demon, while she speakin' I'm a slide
Nigga winkin' I ain't even muster surprise
Calm in projects, on my feet I need to drive
[?] close to twenty-five
Five years ago, when I was twenty-five
Twenty-five, facin' twenty-five to life
Receivin' in, wasn't even read my rights
A bitch you want some money, she can take a hike
Me, myself, and I took my own advice
Breadwinner films, built an enterprise
Had to shoot some shit, dependin' on which device
Go in inner law, rappers tellin' lies

Keep it platinum, never change homie
Heard they 'posed to got some change on you
You go platinum, family change on you
Mouth is platinum, spout some change on them
I never stress when I'm touchin' me
Think 'bout it 'fore you run up on me
Some will say'll say that they don't f*ck with me
Probably cause they cannot f*ck with me

[More Islamic Prayer]

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