Kevin Gates - Wild Ride Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Wild Ride Lyrics
Would I be wrong? I wanna f*ck you with one of my niggas
If afterwards I promise that I wouldn't look at you different
Broke down some buds of grigy emptied my garden twisted
Settle down, it's 'bout to get explicit
Passed you the light, you lit it, inhale, you cough, I get it
Love the way you look at me, especially when you're tipsy
This is bound to be a wild ride
Wild ride, wild ride
Pussy drippin', yeah we callin' off, nigga
Hit you from behind, ass up and face down
And I live everything I'm sayin', babe this ain't no make believe

[Verse 1:]
Fresh, we started
Existence on a higher plane, mentally we orbits
Stimulated my prognosis is that we proceed with caution
Dick woah, stroke her slow, feelings caught us, now we're caught in
Bread winner's my religion, these dealings are detrimental
God blessed me with a pivotive intimate, then I'm off it
Sippin' coffee, havin' money, ain't into flossin'
'Telligent conversation, conversin', sorry you lost me
I'm awesome, broke down bricks, cocaine powder, sniff
Gently placin' kisses against her clit, dick got her whipped
She'll pleasure, yeah we f*ck her together, pussy to shit
Participate or stallin', won't even call 'em, I let 'em sit
Purchase bae some purses, respect a slut, we takin' trips
Sometimes I like to watch my ho f*ck, video makin' flicks
In the whip jackin' me off, know how to make it spit
Hand in my drawers, fondle my balls, she got the softest grip


[Verse 2:]
Let's plan a visit overseas
Spontaneous the way I do my shit, you wouldn't believe
Rip out in the kitchen then I f*ck her on her knees
Make her eat my dick in front of her friend before I leave
Bae you got these niggas jealous, steady wishin' they was me
I turned up for a check and got some money off the streets
Backseat of the Jag cut up for everyone to see
Hit the club next to me in my section in VIP
Eat the pussy from the back and I don't give a f*ck who lookin'
Might not notice but I'm strapped, [?]
Under the light she dance for me, body movin' slow
Break bread, fingernails pedicured, the polish glow
My bitch look like a tiger, [?], she exotic
Swallow from the bottle, point at what I want, she holler
Tongue between her asscheeks, steam all in the shower
Down for whatever, whatever, Bonnie and Clyde her


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