Kevin Gates - Word Around Town Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

Word Around Town Lyrics
[Intro: Kevin Gates]
Mane I'm dead serious mane
I got to
I go
Aye I can't die pussy I got to die a gangster

[Hook: Kevin Gates & (Rich Homie Quan)]
My daily conversation, it consist of hustle
Grinding from the bottom sick and tired of struggle
Shining don't want pop it off it's on the muscle
Police is harassing don't want see us come up
(Cause word around town they gone check the move
Word around town I flick my neck with juice
Word around town me and yo ex is cool
And if you broke
Then you know damn well I can't stand next to you)
Word around town

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Shot the studio I brought the pressure through the bottle
Brought my dog Truck up he ain't do nothing about it
Section that they love to rep I'm clutching all around it
I could keep a secret and your bitch know all about it
Bread Winner 100it, taking road trips out to Houston
You was f*cking off with the pill game
I'm on Carolina distributing
Late nights just me and Eazy we was tackling a few zombies
Pray to God he free all my niggas and I hate to see 'em in bondage
My daddy taught me how to get it back
Nigga trappin' in the dope game
How you a legend to a street nigga, you ain't never sell cocaine
Brian Hughes on [?] buying everything that I bring
Then you went to jail for an illegal pistol
That you know you wasn't goin' to slang


[Verse 2: Kevin Gates]
California, Red, White, and Blue
But I'm not a fan of no Clippers
Clip to the ground, Gunna back in town
Nigga whip down he might clip you
F*ckin' with a bitch out in Baltimore
I got a shooter all out in Maryland
Went to jail all in Chicago
I'mma die about it, get at me
In Cook County you can ask about me
Imma gangsta nigga what's happenin'?
I was trying get another lil' shoulder play
Back when kush stuck me into parish
Stayed online no jacking off I'm a real nigga no rap
Young nigga but I'm old school be with OG's no laggin'
Shoulder rows bust them older cats
In the game of life I mastered
Either learn fast or ya die young being foolish end in disaster
Why focus hard on another nigga
When you could provide for your family
And anything that don't add to you
Most likely only subtract it


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