Kevin Gates - You Can Leave Lyrics

Kevin Gates Lyrics

You Can Leave Lyrics
Nigga run up on me with the handgun
I might could stand one

They say when love comes around (around around around)
Baby you can leave,
I said baby you can leave

They say when love comes around,
I probably had missed it
If this the way it is
It's correct to assume I'll end up all alone,
Probably with some other guy
Ain't no needing why
My pride wont allow me to even try,
Took one in the sleeve
Without you by my side
It's safe to say I'll die
But baby you can leave
Took one in the sleeve
Without you by my side
It's safe to say I'll die
But baby you can leave

[Verse 1]
This a f*cked up scene
I'm mugged up mean
What the f*ck you mean
This ain't over
How you change over
Holla game over
You tripping hard you ain't sober on
Banana boats how we came over
Designer stores
Michael Kors
No plain clothes without our names on
Your right wrist got my name on it
Id be lying if I said I ain't lonely
That nigga dead we ain't homies
My pain growing
That thang on me
Cocaine rover
Mean range rover,
Swang corners
Put aim on em
Kuh kuh and bang on em,
Leave brains on em
And stains on em
Get three grams of my main smoker
This game cold but I stayed focused
Bread winner chain
On the head of the lane
He was here but he ain't
We steady rolling when cam moving blam through
No shampoo hit head n shoulders
Never been in love I ain't joking
Pass by your house on late night
Bumping swim good by frank ocean


[Verse 2]
Please don't do this to me
I'm losing, I'm losing my sleep
Without you it'll be hard to smile like crackheads losing their teeth
Blew the national keep harassing could shoot for me,
Drew your name in class
Professor asked is this a new degree
Profusely in pursuit of in something you reminded me of us society
Feel em slipping from sanity,
Don't eat enough
I'm rude no longer speak as much
Frequent find the reasons
Niggas stepping on my sneakers
Got me steaming
I should beat em up,
Or get beat up and say somebody made ugly
You don't love me
So disgusted seeing couples coupled up in public loving
Huffing puffing phone reluctant
You most likely call it stubborn
Kevin Gates mixtape motion picture
All or nothing


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