Lefty Frizzell - I Want To Be With You Always Lyrics

Lefty Frizzell Lyrics

I Want To Be With You Always Lyrics
I lose my blues, Honey, when I'm with you
No one else can do what you do,
You're in my heart to stay
When I'm gone, and I'm all alone
I'll be singing this song for you,
I want to be with you,

I'd be happy, dearest,
If you could only be here
And always be nearer,
Forever and a day
Then we'd travel far,
We'd be some big, shinin' star
Just you and my guitar,
And stay there, sweetheart, for always

I just wanna love you, Baby
You mean so much to me,
You don't know how I feel,
I'm crazy in my lil' world

I hope you feel the same,
You really want my name
Well, you'll be the one who's to blame,
If it works out wrong that day
'Cause my love is true,
My love is only for you
I'll never be blue,
If I can be with you,

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