Levi Lowrey - Little Girl Lyrics

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Little Girl Lyrics
Little girl this world turns quick
and fast enough to make you sick
and it takes away the best years of our life
Leaving us to wonder if we'll ever find another
When there seems to be so very little time
And we give our hearts too often
And we often have them broken
in exchange for all the effort that we give
We never learn our lesson
it's a curse and it's a blessing
it's the price we pay and the reason that we live

Little girl I've held true love
the kind that poets all speak of
and I've found my self just broken and alone
and I know you'll do the same
and you will taste the bitter pain
the kind that only comes with having to let go

Little Girl can break your will
when the night is cold and still
and you wonder when that damned old son will rise
Bring with it some better days
and maybe ease a little pain
just long enough for you to rest your troubled mind
At times you will seem lost
but when you add up all the cost
you'll think the pleasure can't be worth all the pain
and you'll curse the day you fell
and you'll drink too much and tell
all your friends that you could never love again

Now I don't know a lot, just enough to write a song
but this much that i can tell you is the truth
There'll be a thousand heart aches before the sunrise and the night breaks
and the shadows fade and release their hold on you

Little Girl I have found love
the kind that old folks all speak of
and no poet can dress it up with fancy words
Cause it is patient
it is kind
it forgives
and it is blind
and it can not break no matter what you've heard

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