Lil Uzi Vert - All Night Lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert Lyrics

All Night Lyrics

F*ck nigga
Bitch nigga
Snitch nigga

Cardo, Cardo, what up Cardo?

Rich nigga

Dis dat bruised up in a bar fight
Fcukin' all on a prostitute like all night (All night)
Dat n! gga got shot in the head so - all white
I spent 35 thousand on all flights
Look at yo bitch on my dick (all on my dick) - Ooh
You like my cum right?
I got the sauce right?
She all on my wood like that bitch is a termite
Told her nigga that the tables turn baby
Is it alright?
Is the turn right? (Is the turn right?)
Or is the terms right?
Motherf*cker eat the curb right (Yeah!)

[Verse 1:]
Bullet eat through you - it burn right?
Nigga went left - he ain't earn right
He better than me - that's absurd right?
He not a Jr. - he the third right?
I really did trap - you ain't earn stripes
Don't f*ck with rats so I curve mice
Water my necklace - I earn ice
[?] my digits - I put you commission
I got the money - yeah that is the mission
I just be whippin' the white in the kitchen
All of these niggas not with it - they bitchin'
Most of these niggas are here to be snitchin'
Look at my necklace - then look at my wrist
Now look at my ring - Lil Uzi the richest
I'm not on the Yankees - I'm not on the Cardinals
I'm not on the White Sox
But I just be pitchin'
I'm smokin' the gas - Now I'm gon' off the Buddha
These niggas shoot at me - I swear they be missin'
I'm beating the pot then I'm beating the pussy
I'm beating the nigga up like I am Sonny Liston
I flex on my exes - No I'm not from Texas
But I just be saucin' and drippin' and drippin'
Saucin' and drippin' and saucin' and drippin'
And saucin' and drippin' and drippin' and drippin' (saucin'!)


[Verse 2:]
Used to drink more Fiji water than water
Now I drink more water than Fiji
People like Beanie
Free my lil brother Lil Leafy
Talkin' that shit - bake you just like some ziti
I got a cousin named [?], Raheem, Diamond, Khalil, Beanie and [?]
Back in the days on [?]
Used to smoke on that reggie - watch pornos on CD's
All my OG's had TV's in the headrest
You know in the brand new Lexus
I'm on my soap opera shit
I am so young and the restless
Sometimes I feel like I'm Drama
I am so young and I'm reckless
My dad had that motorcycle
F*cking up the intersection
He was getting that street money
Getting that shit by the ese
Moving that work - it was heavy (moving that work)
He is still here that is a blessing (yeah!)
I am Raf Simons dressing
I am Rick Owens stepping
Bad bitch on Instagram and I hit that direct message


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