Lil Uzi Vert - Canadian Goose Lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert Lyrics

Canadian Goose Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I woke up in the morning, brush my teeth smack my bitch ass
All I do is think about the cash
Yeah, what, getting all this cash
Yeah, what, I'm 200 on the dash
Lil Uzi ooh, I got hella groupies
Smoking Backwoods I don't f*ck with doobies
Copped the double plus cause I'm rocking Ksubi's
I f*ck with my same hoes I don't trust these niggas
990 that's the nubies ya
Smoked that boy like he is a loosie ya
On the xan hear a noise I load it up

All these diamonds ain't nobody cold as us
Literally I'm cold as f*ck
I need Canadian Goose
I need to get a Moncler
Diamonds so cold need some soup

[Verse 2:]
Driving around in a what
Saint Laurent all on my boots
Saint Laurent all on my boo
2000 dollar a tooth
Lil Uzi you is the truth
Lil Uzi you is the truth
If you think they took my chain, boy you is a fool
I said boy you a fool
I just caught me a Mewtwo
I just caught me a Mewtwo
Japanese girls stuck to me just like some glue


[Verse 3:]
Diamonds all on my teeth so I barely can talk
Money all in my pockets so I barely can walk
Diamonds they shine in the dark
She from LA but she live in New York
But I ain't worried about that
Worried about busting them traps
Lil Uzi ya you know I be smoking that pack
If she gon leave then you know she coming right back
In a Cadillac do a drive by with a mac
When I walk in none of these hoes can relax
When I walk in know that I move with the racks
When I walk in know that I move with the racks
Came right in put my city on my back
But I'm still so relaxed on a xanax
I don't care what you did, don't love you less
But its still Margiela all on my vest
What a cross on my neck
I just flew to the A
I might go to MIA
I ain't talking paper planes
On the block with all my chains
Got the money and the fame
You a lame that's a shame


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