Lil Uzi Vert - Countin Lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert Lyrics

Countin Lyrics
[Intro - 2 Chainz:]
It's that moon rock shit
You gotta mix this with some regular OG
Cause this shit be burning crazy

[Chorus - Lil Uzi Vert:]
Counting the money
Counting the guap til I'm getting blisters
I say what I want all the time when I'm off the liquor
Don't care if she dance, still go out and get her
Cause I'm on a mission
They say she did this, say she did that
But I'm still gonna kiss her
I don't know, I don't care who just had her
Cause I'm gonna get her
I don't know, I do not worry bout that
Cause I'm gonna get her
I do not care what she did, no, cause I'm gonna kiss her
I don't know, I do not worry bout that
Cause I'm gonna get her

[Verse 1 - Lil Uzi Vert:]
Charge her to the game, I am no beginner
Put her on my gram, yea I'm posting pictures
Girl I'm just saying I'll post up with ya
Girl I'm just saying let me post up with ya
I don't know if you sip drank, let me pour up with ya
And we ball too, same thing, let me top with ya
Girl you match my fly, that's the perfect image
And I ain't gon lie, no, I'm gonna get ya
I ain't worried bout who got you right now
Cause I'm getting to the guap, like right now
Cartier on a yacht, private island
Chanel, show the top, shawty styling


[Verse 2 - 2 Chainz:]
Cum in a bitch and I go crazy
Spend all these racks and I go crazy
Leave out the parking lot doing a 180
This how the lord made me
Drop the top and start sun bathing
Put her on a treadmill and then I make her run naked
Got all my side hoes frustrated
This the life I waited on
Seen a bitch from school, gave her number to a payphone
I don't know what you been waiting on
All that I know is that I been waiting long
I ain't waiting to get no lone
Provolone on top of provolone
Mobile phone on top of mobile phone
I don't know what you niggas smoking on
Pull my closet got a upstairs
Mobile home on top of mobile home
I go to sleep with a rollie on
I start my car with remote control
Get so much pussy
I go to sleep with a condom on


[Verse 3 - Wiz Khalifa:]
F*ck I'm the king of the city
I don't take a trip unless I got a bitch with me
I pull up with pounds or I got a zip in me
You don't want no problems, my guys so don't tempt me
My niggas go bap bap bap bap till it's empty
F*ck 2 every night in 5 days that's a 10 piece
My bitch that I'm with that's a 10 piece
I'm pouring that gin in a simply
You niggas so fake need assembly
I'm smoking weed, f*ck the penalty
Riding round in a old school, with 2 hoes and little old me
F*ck I'm a do with this money
But walk in the club and start stunting
Push all my old bitches buttons
Came up from nothing to something
Tell her take the stick, don't run from me
There's some for you, there's some for me
So if we have this 3 some, make sure you cum for me
All that bullshit is up under me
Smoking gas ain't no tumble weed
All of this cash that's another thing
Black and yellow like a bumblebee

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