Lil Uzi Vert - Tropics Lyrics

Lil Uzi Vert Lyrics

Tropics Lyrics
Yea [x3]

I met a bitch in the tropics
And she be gone off the molly
She suck my dick super sloppy
I had to tell me somebody [x2]

[Verse 1:]
I met a bitch in the tropics
She super thick in the body
I had to call up my hombre
I had to tell me somebody
I swear that bitch must be crazy
If she might think she my lady
I swear that bitch ate my baby
I will not buy her Mercades
They see Uzi got the money
The bitches scream come save me


[Verse 2:]
Boy my pockets hella swole
Cause I got the bankroll [x2]
Your bank account on zero
Your bitch look at me like a hero
Tropic foreign bitches [x2]
And I'm getting money
Tropic foreign digits
I tell the truth [x2]
All I got is tropics


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