Throw Some D's Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Throw Some D's Freestyle Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
"I can't feel my face" the album
Now watch me put the beat to sleep like a volume
Never mind me I jus are who I are
A flat footed nigga that walks when he talks
Off to the mall, pop a few bottles straight out the water with my mark jacobs goggles
And I go hard like a Brett Favre spiral, bitchess in they draws and niggaz in denial
Hollygrove harlem pump up the volume david banner beat bitch bump like an stallion
Touch my madalion and meet my buretta leave ya lookin' like a burger with extra
Ketchup now throw ya sets up we f*ck sets up we pick shells up you pick ya chest
Up I'm on my 1, 2 like a push-up L'z is fitted like cook up

[Juelz Santana:]
Money in tha bank watchu thank, money in tha pocket yea I got it bitches get plugged
Like sockets, I launch sluggs like rockets 5 4 3 2 rockets, livin' like a gangsta, get like a
Hustla ya girlfriend backed up stick her with a plunger baseball batter louisville slugger
I got enough cash for it to rain or thunder, ice drippin homey gettin' ya cash my wrist is antartica my
Neck is alaska my pinky ring is tha north pole come meet santa I spit nicotine come
Meet cancer

[Lil Wayne:]
I really don't give a f*ck about'cha what I'm sayin is a nigga would take your heart
Out'ch and in that neighborhood my face is like a vulcher I swear I keep that gun on
Point like a bouncer elsa tha kush I smoke that kush and I run this muthaf*cka like
Reggie Bush New Orleans crook give me wat I took me and my money now that's a
Good look
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