What's Wrong With Them Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

What's Wrong With Them Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
Uh, life on the rocks
Too hard to swallow
So we get high till it feel like the sky low
Ya'll boys just a bunch of pussy cats milo
Money is the song, pockets on high note
Do ra me faso
I rock like a fossil, big ball shit, Paul Castellano
Shoot ya ass up, now crawl out the condo
That's that nine nigga, lil rando
Sleeping with the enemy so I f*ck the World
To Miss Louise Anna, the sweetest southern girl
The sweetest southern girl
(sweetest southern girl)

[Nicki Minaj:]
This is times up
Put your signs up
Made em pick my dude
I line up
Baby what the f*ck is wrong (wrong) with them
What the f*ck is wrong (wrong) with them
You see money you call
Very few are chosen
Looking at the wall
You can feel them close in
Baby what the f*ck is wrong (wrong) with them
What the f*ck is wrong (wrong) with them

[Lil Wayne:]
Uh, mind over matter
Money over all
The World is on my shoulders,
Shall I dust my shoulders off?
Uzi rat-a-tatter, knocking over walls
F*ck the bullshit, but just don't f*ck it raw man
Pussy has a pattern and I know where I'm going
And if you got beef I turn into a tenderloin
Sanity kills so I live the crazy life
I wonder if you'll pay attention if I change the price
Life is my wife, till death do us part
Man I'm fly as f*ck you ain't even next to depart
Quick draw McGraw, I hope you like art


[Lil Wayne:]
Stepping on the bullshit
You can be my doormat
Y'all ain't going nowhere with that hatin' shit, four flat
Disrespectful on the beat, Borat
F*ck the system and the pussy wasn't all that
Yeah, now time's gettin' shorter
Life on ya head like f*cking read carter now
Don't you cross me, you do better crossing the border
So much money piled up I'm a motherf*cking hoarder

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