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You Nasty Lyrics
Five Foot Six, Nice Size Dick.
Long Ass Hair You Could Pull My Shit
I Don't Even Care We Could Do It Anywhere
Bust One In The Elevator,
One In The Stairs.
She Seperate Her Legs On The Arms Of The Chair
Sex Is In The Air, She Want Me To Hit It Rare.
That Means Raw, That Means Naw,
I Could Pull Out But That Means Jaw.
That Means Gulp
I Wake Up To Vodka And Orange Juice
Baby You Could Drink My Pulp
Think She Won't?
I Bet She Will
Baby Doll Ride With No Hands On The Wheel
Still Lil Wayne Disregarding The Lil
How That Boy Grew Up And Got A Sex Appeal
Yeah! I'm So Dressed To Kill
Tell Her I Hit Her Pussy Like Vagisil Fareal.

Shorty Let This Be Known
I Got My Own Crib
And You Can Come Through
Get Some Of That Good Dick
Only If You Need To Shorty
You Could Bring Your Kids
I Gotta Ps2 And All Of That Good Shit.
I'll Let That X Box Keep Them Busy
Call Pop Get A Bag Of Dro
Keep You Dizzy
Yeah, Thank You Lil Jay
I Got It From Him
Then We Can F*ck And Sweat That Weed Smell Out Of Ya Hair
Yeah Shorty Gotta Booty Like Popcorn
Remove Ya Underwear
But Please Leave Them Socks On
Feet Or Toes
I Ain't Really Into That
Just Tryina Put My Hand On Top Ya Head Like A Fitted Cap
Cause Your Feelin That
Shorty I Know You Is.
Observe That No Clothes Sign
When You In My Crib
Yeah I Can't Let Em Get Past Me
I Cut That Camera On And Shorty Said- You Nasty

Hop In My Whip
Let's Ride.
Let Me Feel Them Thighs
While You Smoke In This Sly
What? You Ain't Know That I Was Ballin
I'm True To The Game, Nah Ma no stalling
Baby Girl, We Just Met
I'm Just Tryna Get You Out That Dress
See What's Round My Neck
Know How That Rose Gold Glo
Know How That Platinum Shine
Bend On Over
Touch Them Toes
While I Hit It From Behind
Everything I Got Is Mine
No Time For Questions
Just Time For Sexxin
Let Me Grab Protection
Now It's On And Crackin
Pimpin, Mackin
What I'm Bout
Leave The Chick
Dig Her Out
Leave My Niggas Paper Out
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