First M Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

First M Freestyle Lyrics
It's Lil Boat

Aye, I only show affection when I get an erection
Aye, I only show affection when I get an erection
I got bitches in the city tryna get in my section
I got nigga in the cut and they tote lethal weapons
Boat'll hit you so hard, you might think that it's Tekken
And I just talked to Sid and he said that the TEC in
I ain't talkin' 'bout no game when I say when the TEC in
Aye, the word around town, I got everyone checkin'
Yeah, they heard I got a check, guess 'em folks see me flex
I would plot on me too if I lived life like you
Bitches dream about the Boat, I'm one hell of a dude
Aye, I got a cellphone but I think I need two
I got six bad bitches that'll never f*ck you
Yeah, my shower got four heads, guess it's meant for foreheads
I ain't never ever lie when I spoke on my bread
I ain't ever gave a f*ck what a bitch nigga said
Aye, it's Boat from the six, don't forget what I said, bitch
Back at it, I don't rent cars, I pay cash
Them folks thought Lil Boat was done, I'm back on they ass
Six months ago I ain't have no cash
Damn I'm livin' fast, I'm the richest here
Young bitch, I ball like a Cavalier
Stupid bitch, I don't eat no caviar
Young nigga stuntin', need a Hollywood star
I got my first M and bought my moms a car
Skurt skurt
My bitch ass stupid dumb like durtduraler
Popped up on the scene like whatsueerp
No, I can't talk to no promoter unless the promoter got quota
I'm cold, Minnesota

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