Free K$upreme Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

Free K$upreme Freestyle Lyrics
I miss my brother [x4]

Lil Boat! I miss my brother that knucklehead nigga count figures f*ck bitches relax yeah we try,
remain the same then we train on some thots smokin on Pearl yeah that nigga to hot,
free my bigger brother and f*ck every cop ride in the rari then we go spend it bitch from the bay
when I link yeah you know we gon bend it next check I get imma cop you a pendant devious diamonds
yeah if I shine then you shine sip Hennessy I can't switch up on my gang I remember when ya braids didn't hang
I remember nobody knew our name now we up higher more higher than most end of the year we gon skurt off in ghost,
when you get out we gon go coast to coast miami coolin we gon hit the high 8,
you like having gravy when we eat we get steak right hand forever I love you forrealla
you hold the pistol then tell them that you brought it you killing someone for me
I don't doubt it shut that shit down when a hoe getting rowdy,
Boat and [?] we like Eli and Peyton needing the work for the way that I pay them for all this f*ck niggas who need them a plan,
first class we gon look good forever tell that bitch shawty put that on my butter red black SLP'S
like a game of checkers where is my check spent that on my neck
Boat got them old hundreds that's forreal 30,000 on my neck with no deal shoutout [?] my shoota my shoota,
slide me nigga like nose full of buggers, free all my robbers and free all my juggers they think they gon keep but he'll be out soon FREE K!

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