IDK Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

IDK Lyrics
Lil Boat!

Baby girl this ain't a dream
I keep like 6 in my jeans
Everything ain't what it seems
But I'm really rich, what you mean?
Oh baby come blow a young fellow like chello
I wanna stuff you then lick you and stick you
Just like a lil rello
I'm too complex, shoulda, called me Marc Ecko
Hunnits all over the floor like rose petals
Chains on my neck like I won a gold medal
I'm poppin' shit just like kettle
F*ckin' with me, you'll get lost in the sauce like... oh oh
I got 22 diamonds, they're brighter
I stay with my shooter and he'll put that heat to your head like hairdryer
Nigga never been a liar
No, no

Free all my real niggas locked up
Bitches come 'round when the stock's up
I give a f*ck if you're not us
I give a f*ck if you're not, no, no

I thought you knew I ain't give a f*ck
Ice on my neck cost a Tonka truck
Please do not call up my phone if it's not 'bout bucks
I ain't ever been a runner up no
Cry me a river, bitch get out
Nut on her face, that's my kids' house
I'm from the South like a slave's house
We just count money and f*ck on these hoes
We just count money and f*ck on these hoes

If you ain't gettin' money, you broke, bitch
I ain't never f*ck with no broke bitch
Fangs on my teeth like a fork, pitch
I mean pitchfork, damn

I'm gettin' brain like a dork
Young nigga hopped off the porch
My bitch do white like Scott Storch
Ain't no nigga gonna extort me
Beam at his head like Hindu
Beat up that pussy like Ryu
Pussy so bald just like Caillou
He'll pay a band to get by you
Young nigga, I do not tie shoes
I really don't give a f*ck
I'll drop that nut on her butt
Young nigga nasty as f*ck
Chrome to his head like Daft Punk
Don't make me open my trunk
Bro got the gas like a skunk
He been servin' from the jump, oh

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