No Hook Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

No Hook Lyrics
[Lil Yachty:]
Lil Boat

Never thought that I would ever make it this far
Dropped out of school and started swerving foreign cars
Young reckless nigga catch me standing on the bar
I remember back in high school I was servin' bars
When my bro got locked up we had 30 in the jar
Aye, 30 grams
Aye, yeah, grand slam
Watch me when I pull up, I'ma pull up trans-am

They call me trans-am shawty
Migo gang worth a 40
I'm feelin' like I am Jeff Hardy
Look what you nigga just started
When I f*ck her I bet I record it
Chop a brick like I'm Chuck (who)
Chop a brick like I'm Chuck Norris

[Lil Yachty:]
Might cop a crib in the forest
I flew your bitch out the state and she started takin' pictures like a tourist
We made a song with no chorus
My boy got more plants than a florist
I got a bitch in Japan
I just f*cked up 30 bands
I thumb it straight to my hand

Money go straight to my hand
Sold out shows in Japan
Her pussy leakin' on the Xans
Lil Engine could but I can
Aye, I'm on top like a space shuttle
Came from the bottom like a pillar
Two whores on me, I'm in the middle
I'm a real robber havin' pill problems
I'ma finesse and stop the solvin' problems
My bitch want it back
I can't get it, she mad at me
Woke up in the mornin' got her diamonds, 10 carats
I was in the trap bird singin' no parrots

[Lil Yachty:]
Free my brother Nino out there servin' crack addicts
Free my brother Nino out there makin' trap magic
50 thousand got a pussy nigga flabbergasted

Bricks hotter than the casket
5000 for my glasses
Beat the box, no Cassius
My niggas pulllin' up with masters
Came in the world dabbin'
Quavo, Lil Yachty, got fashion
You niggas slower than molasses
Once you eat it up you is an addict
I should have played with the Mavericks
Bricks on a boat, my brother Lil Boat
He wanted it so bad I served him with soap
He wanted it so bad I served him with soap

[Lil Yachty:]
Got so many chains I can swing on a rope
All these broke niggas hatin' on Boat
Pussy niggas need to learn how to cope
25 for a young nigga coat
Runnin' round with Young Quavo, we with it
All these bitches lookin' at us, they 'bout it
Niggas talkin', said I'm next, I don't doubt it

[Quavo (Lil Yachty):]
Lil Boat and Lil Quavo
I put them bricks on a boat
I put them bricks on a boat
Quavo name 100 total
I put them bricks on a boat
Realest shit I never wrote
Realest shit I never wrote
I put this shit on the boat
This the realest shit I ever spoke

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