Not My Bro Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

Not My Bro Lyrics
Twin tower living big booty bitch dick all in her throat
White bitch gon' f*ck gang prolly cause she all off the coke
I ain't f*cking with these niggas
All these bitch niggas all these niggas hoes
You is not gang nigga stop tryna call me your bro
Whoa, call me your bro [x2]
Nigga hating on a nigga he gon get knocked off with the scope
And a nigga grill so fresh so clean like I use Scope
I'm the nigga with the new sound
All these people here tryna cope

Whoa, whoa, they all tryna cope
Yeah, yeah, this the new Boat nigga go on and get afloat
Yeah, whoa, whoa, yeah, yeah, Lil Boat, yeah
Lil Boat, dick all in her throat whoa

Timmy Chan's chili powder wings and lemon pepper wings for my black bitch
New ring cost 30 thou I did it just cause I like to do shit
And I ain't fond of these new rappers
Cause these new rappers be wearing fu shit
Whoa, yeah, damn, whoa
You're not my bro
No, whoa, nah, damn
Knocked off with the scope
I keep my dick all in her throat
Yeah, whoa, damn, whoa, whoa, yeah
And shit finna go down cause I said so
Yeah, whoa, yeah, you already know
If you ain't know my name bitch it's Lil Boat
It's just how it go
It's just how it go
It's just how it go

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