Pieces Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

Pieces Lyrics
Man you already know who it is man
It's your boy 44 Yachty chillin' man
These niggas got me f*cked up
Thinking a nigga tryna be on some lyrical shit nigga
F*ck all that lyrical shit nigga
A nigga here to spit that turnt shit nigga
Nigga here to get a raise goin'
F*ck all that shit you talking bout nigga
Y'all niggas ain't bout shit
Y'all niggas spitting that J. cole shit
Nigga ain't f*ckin' with that shit nigga
Knock a nigga out punch a nigga, yea nigga
Don't be scared little bitch ass nigga
Go hit that nigga standing next to you nigga
F*ck all that shit
Count up nigga
Finesse these niggas

Finna make it rumble
Make a nigga stumble
Every show my stage is lookin' like ensemble
Young Yachty this hottest thing since raw
Pop him in his jaw
Watch his ass crawl
Spook you like a thriller
44 driller
Talking bout turn my nigga to a killer
Tyler steps every time I make a move
Damn these niggas pussy dump em' in a lake
F*ck what it take, one take date
Till I'm eating steak every single night
I don't eat steak, buy cause I can
Stack poppin' rubber band after band
Damn these niggas lookin' pussy with they mans
Imma get it right, gunning f*cking fight
I don't do the drama
Associate with karma
Heard our deal was stacking up in Alabama
Bitch your ass guess they feeling like Maggy
Young Yachty the one that sold your mama crack
Gang bangin' with my niggas in the back
44 boy break your bitch back
But I'm still flexin'
Bout to cop the no limit necklace
Day dreamin' bout' Alexis Texas
God damn boy her booty reckless
Couch rats fiendin' Yachty 30 beamin'
Shoulder leanin' while I f*ck shit up in nemen
Lookin like a demon
F*ck niggas Y'all can eat a pound of semen
Middle finger while I'm livin' on the yachts
F*ckin hoes while these niggas tryna plot
Double diamond got me livin' like Scott
Lean on the rocks, Solid to the socks
Booty bitches keep a nigga top notch
Gravy scraper run up on em while they hot
F*ck niggas
F*ck nigga, f*ck nigga, suck my cock

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