Up Next 2 Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

Up Next 2 Lyrics
[Lil Yachty:]
You know what I'm saying nigga
Its a young nigga know what I'm saying
Nigga gon' act like they don't see a young nigga
These niggas see a young nigga
These bitches see a young nigga
Nigga shine, nigga flashing you feel me
My nigga E up in this bitch you feel me
What's popping niggas know what's going on nigga
Nigga talking about comma, you don't want a problem

Boat boy just copped him some diamonds
She gon' suck my dick cause she like how I'm rhyming
Its all about timing
Got 22 bitches on standby they f*ck when I say so
Can't talk 'til my case close
I'm hot like a pepper, don't ash it
My coupe bitches basketball leather
Which nigga you rather it better be me
Maison Margiela with my black tee
Can't f*ck with these niggas and all they rap beef
Got a tec 400, I'm feeling like money
My mouth looking sunny, these nigga look funny
So I keep the chopper
I'm know these niggas hope that I flop
I'mma flop in that pussy
It better be gushy, it better be heartless
Me and K Preme beat your ass with our bare fist
When I get her I'mma f*ck me an heiress

24 karat that'll f*ck up my teeth
Pussy so wet that it f*ck up the sheets
Catch me posted right there on the street
Pocket rocket right under the seat
Wish a pussy nigga would try me
In the kitchen whipping up the heat
Catch purp get his ass beat
Smoking purp and then I ash it
50 band jugg then I cash it
F*cking your hoe then i pas it
Purple and lean that my passion
Make it disappear like its magic
Don't come to eh 6 where its tragic
Bricks wrapped up in elastic
In Europe with a bad bitch
And all we smoke is that cabbage

I'mma hot box the drop top, now the coupe look like a crock pot
Old school cubes in my ear, damn they looking like Macintosh
Flyer than an albatross, rims chopped like applesauce
I don't pay the pussy what it cost
Diamonds look like tear drops
Play with squares like hop scotch
Rims so up on the rim
No and 1 but and 1 of you niggas cross me I'm up in it
Dump in it, huh
I'mma catch a body like a cheerleader
I'mma die fly like Aaliyah
RIP I'll see ya when I see ya
40 thousand dollars on the coat
It ain't even cold I'mma call PETA
Whip it up with the eggbeater
Hoping don't want a sneaker
Another band on the other shoe like a nigga on house arrest
Chop hit you decompress, raising bars like bench press
Had to get the shit up off my chest

[Lil Yachty:]
Had to get this shit up off my chest
7 shot you might need a vest
26 for a nigga neck
Water diamonds jeweler straight from Fiji
When I'm on my money I look like a tiki
If you got a problem nigga don't you tweet me
I'm a real nigga Lil Boat don't do Hilfiger
15 hundred for a still picture
Saint Laurent nigga these ain't Jordans
Crib fill of clothes like I'm hoarding
In the air while you niggas boarding
If the cake right I'mma sitck a fork in

That damn Lil Boat, he's something else I tell
Ya that Digital Nas something else too
Well, I guess uh, we gon' holla at Yachty a lil bit
He's more emotional you'll see what I'm talking about

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