Up Next Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

Up Next Lyrics
I think I'm the shit, mouth on the gliss
Church up from the 6, Cartier wrist
Cartier eyes, shot all oh my gods
Knock em' from the side, throw em' in the tide
Niggas talkin down, bitches talkin down
He ain't talkin money, I don't hear a sound
Niggas really clown, can't f*ck wit RD
Chopper on the seat, riding with the heat
Youngest nigga flexin, countin' Ben Franklin's
Niggas think they hard, my niggas take they necklace
Niggas not reckless, load a Smith & Wesson
Type to f*ck ya mother, type to kill ya brother
Type to catch a case and pass of flying colors,
You the type to f*ck a bitch without a rubber
Dance with her you love her, niggas soft like covers
Niggas sweet like sherbet, now you buying gerbert

I know niggas ain't f*ckin' with me,
Youngest nigga round the f*ckin' city
X pills make me feel like Diddy,
I be poppin' ace pour it on the titty
Good [?] got me so saditty, I just flipped a 50 to 160
Heard lame niggas tryna stick me,
Run up on me she won't be so nippy
Get a nigga kilt in a jiffy,
I be pouring double cups to up a lift me
Been the flyest youngin' since the last century,
Give a damn about a nigga history
Talkin' down it's gon be a mystery,
Got good raps bitches wanna kiss me
Double dip, in the pussy
2 models, poppin bottles
Niggas hatin', but they ass follow
Got a Asian bitch, all she do is swallow
In a 2 door goin' full throttle like yah

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