What's My Name Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

What's My Name Lyrics
I don't pay for shit nigga
Fingers ashy but the diamonds glisten so it evens out
Money greener than some Brussels sprouts
Flip the work I'm like an acrobatic
Pussy nigga know he don't want static
Test Lil Yachty boy its gon' be tragic

[?] yea I made magic
Make it happen
Yea I'm happy
F*ck the work up like I'm Charlie Sheen
Want to be Yachty hah in his dreams
I am a real Ben Franklin fiend
In high school I made guap off of the beams
Serving selling like a mad team
I can't cop the Glock unless it got the beam

Y'all niggas [?] this motherf*cker you feel me
Give a f*ck what you think, give a f*ck what you thought nigga
I just want all my motherf*cking bread blue bills you know what I'm saying
I need my blue bills like I was crip or some shit you feel me
I'm 'bout that you feel me
I'm 'bout that bread you feel me
I ain't Jesus I don't got to break bread, this shit mine
I want all that shit

My new bitch smell like some cinnamon
K take his ass like some vitamins
All my niggas f*ck up the whole f*ck up
Never give a f*ck I'm stuck
If you broke then shut the f*ck up
Lil Yachty I'm next up
All of my niggas be riding
All of my niggas be shot gun robbing for real
Popping like c4
Flyer than g4
I skrt in a two door
You faker than decor
I squat her like deploy
She sucking on the boy
No I'm not a d-boy
But I bring the checks in I get that work in
Make sure my momma not stressing
Make sure my game never resting
We working, working like its Christmas time at Walmart
Pussy nigga don't get smart
Chopper, chopper pointing at his heart
Better no move nigga
Better be cool nigga
Silly rabbit
Nigga softer than a comfy fabric
Bitch I ball like a f*cking Maverick
What's my name

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