XXL Freshman Freestyle Lyrics by Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty Lyrics

XXL Freshman Freestyle Lyrics
Hey mama, I did it! I'm finally here!
Diamonds on my neck cost a 60, plus a cool 5
Chickens lined up in the kitchen like a turkey drive
Brother on my side, on his hip, that's a 4-5
Never Obama, rather Hi-Tech over Ramen
You dap me up, I know you see me shining
From pinky finger to thumb
We having traffic, I call static up in the attic like Dish network
I'm top floor by the bluest shore
That's Lil Boat with the biggest ego, flyer than a seagull
Every time you see me out you know it's a movie like Regal
Cinema, Lil Chrissy, that's my photographer
Lil Boat, he going very far, bettin' up like Sean Paul
Lil Boat!

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