Lionel Cartwright - Be My Angel Lyrics

Lionel Cartwright Lyrics

Be My Angel Lyrics
I can't forget the first time that I saw you
I watched your every move out on the floor
All my friends said go ahead and ask her
But me I've never done this dance before

You took my hand led me away
I could hear the caller say

Bow to your partner yo corner twosome
The girls to the middle watch 'em start grove
Flutter the wheel as you reel (angel tonight)
The more that you're dancing the better you feel
So up and left do a right left left
If you need your partner give her your hand
Then you all promenade
Gettin home with your angel tonight

Since that night we've held on to each other
And every step we took was side by side
With each move I made you were right with me
You stayed by me through all the turns in life

And i'd have never made it through
This dance without you


And I need you now like I did back then
Be my guiding angel once again


Be my angel be my angel tonight (repeat, fade)

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