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A Word From Our Sponsor Lyrics
[Phone Intro - Logic (Marty Randolph) & Logic (Female Voice):]
Let's see here, uh, (301) 776-4308
This motherf*cker better pick up the God damn phone this time, Jesus Christ
Thank you for calling RattPack Industries
Yes hel...
Where we don't f*ck with anybody
Someone will be with you momentarily
Jesus man, seriously? Jesus bro, f*ck bro...
Current wait time is 1 minute
F*ck man, f*ckers better not have me waiting all God damn day in here-Jesus...
While you wait, please listen to a word from our sponsors...

[Skit - YaLocalWhiteBoy, Logic (Marty Randolph) & Logic (Female Voice):]
Y'know, it's crazy cause it's two types of motherf*ckers
It's one motherf*cker talking 'bout:
"Oh Logic's so slept on, he's so lowkey..."
Knowing damn well this motherf*cker did 135K first week
First f*cking week!
Then it's other motherf*ckers talking 'bout:
"Oh, Logic's blowing up, he's getting so big now. I don't want him to blow up on me. Oh, Logic's changing..."
Cause he made a turnt ass mixtape!
We're going to be bumping this shit the whole summer!
The f*ck?!
Current wait time is 36 minutes...
36 minutes? It was just a minu-it was just one minute!
What the f*ck?!
And do y'all not listen to lyrics?
He's making a whole other concept album
That's f*cking insane!
This man dropped a project every year for six years
I mean, I'm not complaining though but-
Current wait time is 1 hour, 40 minutes...
1 hou-WHAT THE F-?! This, this-this is gotta be hands down the f*cking worst customer service of all time
You can just-I can't-
This motherf*cker made a number one album!
Made a mixtape after...
Oh my God-
And then he's making another concept album...
This is f*cking bullshit...
Like his first shit didn't already go Number 1?!
Nobody cares...
This motherf*cker's on a role!
This motherf*cker's like butter, he's on a roll motherf*cker!
Current wait time is...
Okay God, thank God!
16 hours
What the...? WHAT THE F*CK?!
And it's peace, love and positivity
Logic is the only rap concert you can go to
And not get shot in the face
Like this motherf*cker actually loves his fans
You name it: YouTube videos, Periscope, Vlogs, Q&A's
This motherf*cker does it all!
You name it, he does it! The f*ck?
Current wait time is...
Go f*ck yourself
Go-go f*ck? WHAT?!
And this motherf*cker can solve up to seven Rubix Cubes in a minute...
This is ridiculous!
No one is available at this time
WHAT?! I'm gonna let this motherf*cker have it!
Please leave a message after the tone...

[Spoken Message - Logic (Marty Randolph):]
Oh, hey-hi, Logic...
Hey, how's it going?
My name's Mar-Rick-
My name's Randy Mardoff
Definitely never spoken before...
I was calling just to say, uh
Just wanted to wish you lots of, suc-success...
And uh, maybe we can have some lunch
I don't know if this is a direct line to you
But yeah, once again this is, uh, uhm-Randy Mardoff
Never spoken before...
You can call me back at any time, m'kay
Alright bye

[Outro - Logic (Marty Randolph):]
Oh shit... f*ck! I didn't leave my number! I gotta f*cking call back and deal with this shit again?!
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