Loretta Lynn - Story Of My Life Lyrics

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Story Of My Life Lyrics
Well here's the story of my life
Listen and I'll tell it twice

Well I was born in hold Kentucky
In them hills where folks are lucky
And it's paradise to me

Well I got a feller right over the hill
If he asks me to marry well I know I will
He asked me to marry got kids of four
And I'm telling you
I don't want no more

Doo got me a guitar
I wrote me a song
Moved to Nashville, it wasn't long
'Till I was on the Grand Ole Opry

We bought us a mansion on a hill
Livin big like we were big deals
Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind
I was pregnant again
Oh gee, oh Lord, I swear
The babies are comin' in pars

Well some big shot form Hollywood
Thought a movie about my life would be good
It was a big hit made a big splash
What I wanna know is what happened to the cash

No me and Doo, married forty-eight years
Six kids later a lot of laughter and tears
I have to say that I've been blessed
Not bad for this ol' Kentucky girl I guess
Well, here's the story of y life
Listen and I'll tell it twice

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