Loretta Lynn - The Blues Ain't Workin' On Me Lyrics

Loretta Lynn Lyrics

The Blues Ain't Workin' On Me Lyrics
There's a new expression on my face I ain't seen in quite a while
Must be a smile
There's a new direction in my life and I can't wait to see
Where it takes me
I'm no longer lost in the past,
Even my troubles just roll off my back

No the blues ain't workin' on me, those old memories
Can't put the hurt in my heart
Baby, love is lettin' me know I'm finally free
And 'cause of you I'll always be
No, the blues ain't workin' on me

Anytime the sun would start to shine,
Some dark cloud would come around and start raining down
Since I found the shelter of your arms
I don't feel the rain no more so let it pour
Might be times when we lose our way
But I know tomorrow I'm still gonna say


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