Loretta Lynn - Three Riddles Lyrics

Loretta Lynn Lyrics

Three Riddles Lyrics
Just in case you're sitting home alone with nothing else to do
I've written down three riddles and I've sent them off to you

What's grey and green and sometimes red and once belonged to you
I've give you one small hint my dear, everyone has two
Yes, It's the eyes of mine you said would help to see you through
The grey and green are still the same it's the crying red that's new

What's warm and strong and filled with love
And empty without you
Here's another hint my dear everyone has two
Yes it's these arms of mine you said, would always help you carry through
They're still warm and strong and filled with love it's the emptiness that's new

What hears your laugh and fells your smile and beats for only you
Here's a final hint my hear, I wish that I had two
Yes it's this heart of mine you said would find it's happiness in you
It still hears you laugh and feels your smile but you've broken it in two

These are just three simple riddles any child could see right through
I'm sure they're just a waste of time
But I had nothing else to do

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