Loretta Lynn - Tippy Toein' Lyrics

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Tippy Toein' Lyrics
Momma go a tippy tippy toein' through the house
Gotta see what's the matter with the baby
It's been a bawlin' and a squawlin' and a kickin' on the wall
Well I guess it dropped it's little bottle maybe
Daddy come a runnin' with the water and a rag
Gonna need another little diaper maybe
No need a hesitatin' and a wonderin' and waitin'
I know what's the matter with the baby

Momma rock a baby Daddy rock a baby too
It's a yawnin' and a gettin' sleepy maybe
So Momma keep a rockin' Daddy rock a little too
And at last it's a sleepin' little baby

Momma tippy toein', Daddy tippy toein' too
Gonna try and do a little sleepin' maybe
Whether it'll be a minute or an hour or two
Is dependin' entirely on the baby
Well I hear the clock a ringin' just a dongin' and a dingin'
Daddy go and make a little money maybe
Momma sleep a little longer but remember while he's gone
Won't you please take care of the baby

Repeat chorus

After all it's a sleepin' little baby
After all it's a sleepin' little baby

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