Loretta Lynn - Women's Prison Lyrics

Loretta Lynn Lyrics

Women's Prison Lyrics
I'm in a women's prison with bars all around
I caught my darlin cheatin that's when I shot him down
I caught him in a honky-tonk with a girl I used to know
The door to my cell is open wide and a voice cries out oh no

The judge says I'm guilty my sentence is to die
I know I've been forgiven but the price of love is high

The crowd outside is screamin' let the murderer die
But above all their voices I
can hear my mama cry

I'm sittin' here on death row and Lord I've lost my mind
For love I've killed my darlin and for love I'll lose my life

I can hear the warden coming
From the clinging of his keys
But when they come to get me
He'll have to drag me off my kness
The door to my cell swings open
It's time for me to go
The priest is reading my last rights
He says dying's part of livin' ya know

And there's a crowd outside screamin' let that murderer fry
But above all their voices
You can hear my mama cry

Now they've strapped me in the chair
And covered up my eyes
And the last voice I hear on Earth
Is my mama's cry

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