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From the Album Tin Can Trust (2010) (buy at amazon.com)
Tin Can Trust
When The Circus Comes To Town

From the Album Los Lobos Goes Disney (2009) (buy at amazon.com)
Los Lobos Goes Disney
I Wan'na Be Like You
Not In Nottingham
The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room
Grim Grinning Ghosts
I Will Go Sailing No More
The Ugly Bug Ball
Cruella De Vil
Bella Notte
Bare Necessities
When You Wish Upon A Star / It's A Small World

From the Album Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los Lobos (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
Wolf Tracks: The Best of Los Lobos
Let's Say Goodnight
Don't Worry Baby
Matter of Time
Corrido N1
Will the Wolf Survive?
One Time One Night
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
Come On, Let's Go
La Bamba
Volver, Volver
La Pistola Y El Corazon
Jenny's Got A Pony
That Train Don't Stop Here
Kiko and the Lavender Moon
Oh Yeah
Good Morning Aztlan

From the Album The Town And The City (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
The Town And The City
The Valley
Hold On
The Road To Gila Bend
Chuco's Cumbia
If You Were Only Here Tonight
Two Dogs And A Bone
Little Things
The City
Don't Ask Why
No Puedo Mas
Free Up
The Town

From the Album Acoustic En Vivo (2005) (buy at amazon.com)
Acoustic En Vivo
Canto A Veracruz
El Cuchipe
Two Janes
Saint Behind The Glass
La Guacamaya
La Pistola Y El Corazon
Los Ojos De Pancha
Mexico Americano
Volver, Volver

From the Album Ride This: The Covers EP (2004) (buy at amazon.com)
Ride This: The Covers EP
Jockey Full Of Bourbon
More Than I Can Stand
Shoot Out The Lights
It'll Never Be Over For Me
Marie Marie

From the Album The Ride (2004) (buy at amazon.com)
The Ride
La Venganza De Los Pelados
Is This All There Is?
Somewhere In Time
Wicked Rain / Across 110th Street
Hurry Tomorrow
Ya Se Va
Wreck Of The Carlos Rey
A Matter Of Time
Chains Of Love
Phone Call From Rita

From the Album Good Morning Aztlan (2002) (buy at amazon.com)
Good Morning Aztlan
Done Gone Blue
Hearts Of Stone
Luz De Mi Vida
Good Morning Aztlan
The Big Ranch
The Word
Tony & Maria
Get To This
Maria Christina
What In The World
Round And Round

From the Album This Time (1999) (buy at amazon.com)
This Time
This Time
Oh Yeah
High Places
Cumbia Raza
Run Away With You
Some Say, Some Do
Turn Around
La Playa
Why We Wish

From the Album Colossal Head (1996) (buy at amazon.com)
Colossal Head
Mas Y Mas
Everybody Loves A Train
Can't Stop The Rain
Life Is Good
Little Japan
Manny's Bones
Colossal Head
This Bird's Gonna Fly
Buddy Ebsen Loves The Night Time

From the Album Papa's Dream [With Lalo Guerrero] (1995) (buy at amazon.com)
Papa's Dream [With Lalo Guerrero]
La Bamba
Wooly Bully
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Route 90
Corrido For Papa Lalo
La Bicicleta
Cielito Lindo
La Mananita Alegre
El Pato
De Colores
Las Mananitas Tapatias
La Pinata
La, La, La
La Bamba (Version 2)
Wooly Bully Banda (Reprise)

From the Album Kiko (1992) (buy at amazon.com)
Dream In Blue
Wake Up Dolores
Angels With Dirty Faces
That Train Don't Stop Here
Kiko And The Lavender Moon
Saint Behind The Glass
Reva's House
When The Circus Comes
Arizona Skies
Short Side Of Nothing
Two Janes
Wicked Rain
Whiskey Trail
Just A Man
Rio De Tenampa

From the Album The Neighborhood (1990) (buy at amazon.com)
The Neighborhood
Down On The Riverbed
I Walk Alone
Angel Dance
Little John Of God
Deep Dark Hole
Georgia Slop
I Can't Understand
The Giving Tree
Take My Hand
Jenny's Got A Pony
Be Still
The Neighborhood

From the Album La Pistola Y El Corazon (1988) (buy at amazon.com)
1990 Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album
La Guacamaya
Las Amarillas
Si Yo Quisiera
(Sonajas) Mananitas Michoacanas
Estoy Sentado Aqui
El Gusto
Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir
El Canelo
La Pistola Y El Corazon

From the Album By The Light Of The Moon (1987) (buy at amazon.com)
By The Light Of The Moon
One Time, One Night
Shakin' Shakin' Shakes
Is This All There Is?
Prenda Del Alma
All I Wanted To Do Was Dance
Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)
The Hardest Time
My Baby's Gone
River Of Fools
The Mess We're In
Tears Of God

From the Album How Will The Wolf Survive? (1984) (buy at amazon.com)
How Will The Wolf Survive?
Don't Worry Baby
A Matter Of Time
Corrido #1
Our Last Night
The Breakdown
I Got Loaded
Serenata Nortena
I Got To Let You Know
Lil' King Of Everything
Will The Wolf Survive?

From the Album "...and a time to dance." (1983) (buy at amazon.com)
1984 Grammy Award for Best Mexican/Mexican-American Album
Let's Say Goodnight
Walking Song
Come On Let's Go
How Much Can I Do?
Why Do You Do
Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio

From the Album Del Este De Los Angeles (Just Another Band From East L.A.) (1978) (buy at amazon.com)
Del Este De Los Angeles (Just Another Band From East L.A.)
El Canelo
El Pescado Nadador
Sabor A Mi
Flor De Huevo
Cielito Lindo
Cielito Lindo Huasteco
La Iguana
El Cuchipe
La Feria De Las Flores
Maria Chuchena
El Bon Bon De Elena

From the Album Si Se Puede! (1976) (buy at amazon.com)
Si Se Puede!
De Colores
Huelga En General
Yo Estoy Con Chavez
Mujeres Valientes
Manana Is Now
Tilingo Lingo
Corrido De Dolores Huerta #39
Chicanita De Aztlan
Sangre Antigua
No Nos Moveran

Other Songs:
Alone In A Crowd
Beautiful Maria Of My Soul
Blue Moonlight
Carabina .30-.30
Cumbia Raza (English Version)
Down Where The Drunkards Roll
Forever Night Shade Mary
Goodnight My Love
I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)
I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday
I'm Sorry
Lemon 'N Ice
Little Heaven
Lonely Avenue
Lonesome Tears In My Eyes
Midnight Shift
New Zandu
Rip It Up
Same Brown Earth
She's About A Mover
Tomorrow Never Knows
Try Me
What's Going On

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