Lovett Lyle - Who Loves You Better Lyrics

Lovett Lyle Lyrics

Who Loves You Better Lyrics
(M. M. Murphey/B. Castleman)
Now I was driving down
a West Texas highway,
I saw a hitchhiker
and his thumb was pointing my way,
He didn't look suspicious
and he didn't look any too clean.
I put on my brakes
and I opened my door,
I could tell he was a bum
by the muddy boots he wore;
He said, "I'm going down to Haskell,
Got a woman down in Abilene."
He said, "East Texas
is where I come from,
I was working a rodeo out there,
And it sure got humdrum.
So I'm just traveling around
A whole lot of Texas I've seen.
"I'm mighty glad
you were going my way,
In your brand new clothes there
And your great big Chevrolet,
I'm going down to Haskell,
Got a woman in Abilene."
Well, he was grinning like a possum
And a mighty happy rascal,
And he waved good-bye
When I let him out in Haskell;
And that's about the last
of that old road tramp
I ever did see.
But I'm still wishing
To this very day,
That he had my clothes
And my big Chevrolet,
And it was me going to Haskell,
With a woman down in Abilene.

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