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Burning Bridges Lyrics
[Chorus - Jason Aldean:]
When all your love is lost
And burning bridges can't be crossed
Lord, won't you let me know?
Or give me one more reason to go?


Yeah, I done took all I could take from you
Need a little bit more than a break from you
Matter of fact - F*CK you, don't need you in my life (no)
You done did so much wrong I hope you get right
But not at my expense, I did all I could do
You just took me for granted, you thought I was a fool (nah)
When I did everything in my power to help and please you
But I don't know you no more - F*CK it, I caught amnesia! (woo!)
Too many emotions I try to bury
But the higher I climb, the less weight I'm tryin' to carry (yeah)
And niggas holdin' on for dear life, bringin' me drama
But I'm only responsible for my daughters Cai and Karma
Nigga you's a grown man, get yourself together
Forget about the past, now's a better time than NEVER
Matter of fact, it's time to start makin' better decisions
So put your fires out and stop burnin' Chris' bridges (woo!)
Hah, you little bitches


Yeah, this industry's full of bullshitters
And all this time you thought you had me fooled niggas
In my Ferrari partner thought he saw a spaceship
Cause I move in speed not to get caught up in this fake shit
Smilin' in my face when I'm around y'all
But soon as I leave, niggas be prayin' on my downfall (Lord)
Is it cause you'll never sell as many records?
My bitches always look better? You fail at business endeavours?
Or that people thought you were clever but now they know you STUPID?
And misery loves company now that you're goin' through it? (yeah)
Somebody tell these rappers I worked hard in these Louis
So get out of here, you don't want no parts in this shit, do we?
I see them drugs got y'all trippin' too soon
That's why you find me in the club every once in a blue moon
So while you contemplate makin' your first million
I'll be somewhere contemplatin' on makin' my first BILLION
Hah, and then trillion


Yeah, the biggest mistake we make as individuals (what's that?)
is thinkin' everyone lives by the same principles (okay)
But when I talk by the same teachers and principals (nope)
For you to know it's not the money, it's the principle (woo!)
So I can't expect you to know what I'm talkin' 'bout (nah)
Our issues are deep within, we can't just talk 'em out
Niggas is fightin' inside, we can't just walk 'em out (they fightin'!)
These bridges burnin' so fast, we can't just stomp 'em out
Ugh, as if you know what I'm talkin' 'bout

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