I Wanna Rock Freestyle Lyrics by Ludacris

Ludacris Lyrics

I Wanna Rock Freestyle Lyrics
Luda, I wanna rock like Pookie
So here comes the new jack
Ludacris reincarnated like Tupac
Snoop roll it up, but you already knew that
2 blunts together like Luda where they do that
We call em torpedo's
High like eagles
Take two puffs and pass
Snatch it like deebo
Up be in the Regal
Luda in the cuts
Pull up with a speaker that make woman shake butts
Say whaaat, hell yeah I said it
If ya n-gga got beef than I don't really wanna dead it
I'm too cool for school, too tough to bluff
With a gucci bandana and some jeans with a cuff
That's enough, I let these rappers have it
They don't even compare to when I put out fat rabbit
So while you smoking Bobby Brown and losing
We be choking on that purp [? ] Whitney Houstons like...
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