Turnt Up Freestyle Lyrics by Ludacris

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Turnt Up Freestyle Lyrics
Remix, remix, Ludacris, DTP,
Check me out,

I like my beat down low
And my girl with her legs all the way back in the maybach,
Big frame, bug butt,
Call it payback,
Wouldn't wanna waste that gon luda,
And I'm steady making paystacks,
See a woman I'm a chase that, take that, lace that,
Got a swisha better taste that,
So tell me what I'm smoking on, b,..
And I got my stereo blasting,
So loud you can hardly hear me,
My trunk be thumping
Pistol grip pumping so don't come nowhere near me,
Or you might get blown to pieces,
Or get blown to shreds,
Only way you'll still be living,
Is in the night of the living dead, dead, dead
Dead I say, when I get a remix I'm a rip this song,
I dedicate this flow to the... cognac that I'm sipping on,
Four fours I'm tipping on,
Wood grain I'm gripping on,
If ya girl don't like my music,
Tell her leave my dick alone, lone, lone,
How many times can I say that I'm a pimp
And you one of my workers,
And when it comes to the money
I belong in a f*cking circus,
And you niggas can't scratch the surface,
Lifestyles of the rich and famous,
And I like my music all the way turnt up
ATL let's bang this
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