Lynns - Almost Doesn't Count Lyrics

Lynns Lyrics

Almost Doesn't Count Lyrics
Whoa baby, baby
u promised me forever and ever
things were great but they didn't last
you ripped my heart right outta me
when i found out you didn't love me
you loved one of friends even more
you begged me back
and i gave you another shot
but that was all my fault
y did you go and break my heart again
you meant so much to me and i let you in
to my soul to my heart i loved you so much
how can you pass and not even look
all our good times just memories
you found someone new
and you are really happy now
baby baby baby i love you still!!!!!!
ooooo what can i do to get you back to me
all the nice things i've done for you
never talked bad
stood my your side
.....almost doesn't count
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