Blaze Up Lyrics by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics

Blaze Up Lyrics
Yeah, g-shit, and I ain't smokin none of dat unless the weed stick
Bitch I'm in the zone, and if I ever leave
F*ck a jacket I'm a rock my tattoo sleeves
I got thirty naked bitches in the kitchen
Crumblin the herb and rollin it up in the swishers
Kush is my cologne, every minute blowin heavy
I don't smoke it on occasion, everyday is 4/20
All I do is flame shit, I don't do that change shit
EST for life bitch, ya I do that gang shit
Look at who I came with, better fix ya face quick
Cause I gotta lot of muh-f*ckers with me we all on the same shit
Now pass me the dutch again, I still gotta nickle crumbled in the george washington
Order up a quarter my connect is on the phone
Mix the purple with the lemon g kush and get stoned
God damn it I'm gone, blowin with the wind
Cleveland is the city, see it showin on the brim
Black lights on the tatts glowin on my skin
And my blunt is never lonely all my l's got twins blaze up!
Yeah, blaze up. lil bitch blaze up
So what the f*ck blaze up. Ugh, blaze up, kels. Blaze up
And we burnin up like the heat is on
Got it smellin good, blowin wood. bitch my life is like a weed-a-thon
Size 12 chuck taylors what my feet is on
Laced up blazin back to back like repeat a song
And f*ck the police, boy I say it proud
And if they hear me F*ck the police say it loud
20 dollars in the dream bitch I'm livin back strokin in yo girl no swimmin
(Sorry) boy that's pimpin you wanna know my goal. a couple sold out shows
Some ho's and a pocket full of woah
Got it for the low, tear the place up, pass the dutch and blaze up mother f*cker lace up
Ughhh. blaze up. hundred words and runnin
Lace up. lace up bitch. EST blaze up. Kells laced up. Gone...

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